💻 Go Deeper in Web3

NFT14 is a cohort-based NFT course for developers to learn how to launch and scale 1,000 NFTs in 14 days.

Over 100 students signed up for Cohort 1 and now have their artwork live on the blockchain.

How Does it Work?

NFT14 is a community-focused program built for builders and creators. Over 14 days you will:

💬  Attend live Q&A sessions

⌨️  Engage on Discord

🌎  Learn in public and build in public by posting your progress regularly on Twitter

What Will I Learn?

You will learn:

Day 1: An Introduction to NFT14 and What We Will Be Learning

Day 2: Setup your environment to be able to complete this course safely and securely

Day 3: Ideate on your NFT art idea and create the elements needed for creating 100 NFTs

Day 4: Create all of your art pieces and download them in a useable format

Day 5: Upload your art to a metadata generation site and download your Images

Day 6: Upload your metadata to IPFS using and Update your Metadata

Day 7: Setup your hardhat environment and Create Your NFT Contract

Day 8: Deploy Your Contract to the Hardhat Network

Day 9: Mint Your NFTs for Testing and Sending

Day 10: Test your deployment to the Goerli Test Network and view on Etherscan

Day 11: Mint 10 assets using hardhat automation and view them on Opensea Test Network

Day 12: Expanding on your base NFT design with additional features

Day 13: Celebrate with a Demonstration and Showcase to the Cohort

Day 14: Next steps for becoming a Web3 dev

What Students Are Saying

The lessons are incredible, concise, engaging and to the point. One of the best courses I've taken so far.
  • Eli Marvin - Full Stack Developer
It’s really exciting how it’s all beginning to come together!
  • Marwan Nakhaleh - Educator and Software Engineer

How to Join

Signups ups for Cohort 2 are LIVE:

✅  Click Here to Sign Up | Cohorts start: October 17


💰 What does it cost?
  • The Program is 100% free to enter. We will publish our NFT contract to an Ethereum TestNet, so that will be free as well.
🧑‍💻 Will this turn me into a Web3 developer?
  • During this course, you will learn one professional workflow for creating NFTs. However, like any professional journey, it requires more than just a 14 day course. If you’re looking for more after this program, consider joining devMint
⌚ What is the time commitment?
  • Expect to spend about 30 minutes a day for 14 days, give or take. You can, of course, batch this work together if you miss a couple of days. Note that this is all asynchronous, except for the weekly live Q&A sessions.
💻 What tools will I need?

You will need a basic laptop and an internet connection. Nothing we will do will be super intensive on your computer.